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How to Build a High-Performance Business

What Leads to a High-Performance Business? When you mention the term “high-performance” you usually think of cars, not businesses. What is a high-performance car? We think it is: “A performance car is an automobile that is designed and constructed specifically…

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Business Exit Planning Process

How the Exit Planning Process Works

Many business owners believe the sale of their business will be a simple process of choosing a business broker, setting a price, and then deciding where to celebrate after the closing papers are signed and the check is in the…

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Automotive Expert

Dealership Valuation Damaged by Mercedes Recalls

Auto Recalls Damage Dealership Valuation Recently, Mercedes-Benz recalled one million vehicles; this will undoubtedly damage the valuation of many Mercedes dealerships. When dealership valuation is affected by recalls, resulting in a loss of money and resources then hiring an automotive…

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