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A Guide for the Automotive Dealership Owner

Social Media Marketing on the Top 3 Platforms: a guide for the automotive dealership owner

The 2014 CMO Council report on social media within the auto industry revealed findings that, for the third year in a row, potential car buyers ranked social media and review sites as the most helpful when choosing a dealership.

  • 23% or one out of four car buyers use social media to discuss or communicate a recent purchase experience.
  • 38% of consumers report they’ll consult social media next time they purchase a car.
  • 84% of all automotive shoppers are on Facebook and 24% used Facebook as a resource for purchasing their last vehicle.


An automotive dealership expert knows that your dealership’s social media platforms and reputation are clear factors in your customers’ decision-making processes. By now, most business owners are aware of the importance of the use of social media in their marketing efforts. This could simply include managing a Facebook account and making posts of photos and content, or it could mean a more comprehensive plan using a variety of platforms to attract interest and interact with potential buyers. With the ever-growing reach of social media in our daily lives, it is time for the automotive industry to become more fully engaged in the social media landscape.

Here are 3 platform-specific social media tips for car dealership marketing:

1.) Facebook: where your customers live

As 84% of your customer base has an active Facebook account, this is a great place to start if incorporating social media marketing is a new endeavor for your dealership. Create ads and promote them for those users who have demonstrated interest in a new vehicle. Facebook ads can be created specific to specific criteria such as geographic location, make and model, or even gender and interests. These are investments that are well worth it as they are found to be twice as likely to show click-through results than the average Facebook ad.

2.) Tweeting to close a sale?

A study recently revealed that in the year 2013, Twitter drove $716 million in care sales. This study by Marketshare brought dealerships’ attention the undeniable marketing potential of this specific social media platform, and Twitter still remains a popular choice among prospective patrons. Canvas data has reported that more than 327,000 auto-related tweets are posted each day, 75% of which are directly related to owning or shopping for a car. Using keyword-specific searches within the app, such interest can be detected and responded to via an internal direct-messaging system.

3.) Instagram: the millennial’s stomping grounds

Facebook completed a survey which discovered the millennial trend of leaving Facebook and redirecting their attention to Instagram. This application, mostly used on cell phones, is based on photos. This includes taking, sharing, and posting photo and video content to your personal account, while providing the opportunity to interact with content from other users. This platform provides a unique space to colorfully present your dealership’s brand. The application also allows for private messaging which can be used to respond to customer interest.

Consult an automotive dealership expert witness today to find the right social media approach for your dealership!