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The Auto Expert Witness on Features that Help with Accident Avoidance

 The Auto Expert Witness Advice on Features that Help With Accident Avoidance

Many features are available to help with accident avoidance. This is especially true of collision-avoidance systems. Collision-avoidance systems enhance the safety of vehicles and can prevent auto accidents. These systems are designed to detect the presence or proximity of vehicles and pedestrians and anticipate potential collisions. Most car lovers are aware of the features that help with auto accident avoidance. However, it’s important that people, whether auto enthusiasts or not, become educated about features that help prevent auto accidents. Knowing about these features will help consumers make wise auto purchases.


Features that Help with Auto Accident Avoidanceauto expert witness

Collision Avoidance Systems have the ability to automatically break or steer so as to avoid accidents. While collision-avoidance systems used to be available with luxury cars only, they are now being installed regularly in mainstream vehicles. Jon Linkov, writer for Consumer Reports, states,

“The potential for these systems is so great that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has added collision-avoidance system testing to its suite of safety evaluations. The IIHS has determined that some of these collision-avoidance systems could prevent or mitigate many crashes.”

While collision-avoidance systems can be costly, they may be well worth the money. Discover more features that help with auto accident avoidance here.  


Should Dealerships Invest in Automobiles with Auto Accident Avoidance Features?


Since features like collision-avoidance systems are so effective at preventing accidents, it makes sense that auto dealerships should sell vehicles with these features, right? Not necessarily. Safety features can be costly, and dealership owners know that many consumers cannot afford vehicles with these features. Still, car owners and pedestrians deserve to be safe from auto accidents if they are at all avoidable. What’s a dealership owner to do? The answer is clear: contact an automotive business valuation expert.


Auto Dealership Owners Should Ask an Automotive Business Valuation Expert for Guidance on Safety Features  


Are you a dealership owner who needs guidance about how many automobiles on your lot should be loaded with features like collision-avoidance systems? If so, contact an automotive business valuation expert, also referred to as an auto expert witness. An auto expert witness is experienced at increasing dealership valuation and helping business owners avoid legal troubles. An automotive business valuation expert knows the benefits and liabilities of cars with and without safety features and can advise dealership owners about what type of automobiles are safest to sell to consumers. Contact auto expert witness Bryan Parker today with questions.