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Fiat Chrysler Under Fire For Falsifying Sales

There are certain times when auto dealerships require the services of an automotive expert witness. For example, when auto dealerships experience legal troubles, as in the case with Fiat Chrysler.

An automotive expert witness is an individual who has a unique blend of education and experience that enables him or her to defend or represent an auto dealership/client. It’s no secret that when legal problems rear their ugly heads, an automotive expert witness is an auto dealership’s best friend.

Fiat Chrysler Accused of Falsifying Sales

Recently, Fiat Chrysler was accused of falsifying sales in the United States. This situation is a perfect example of a time when an auto dealership needed an automotive expert.automotive expert


Specifically, two Fiat Chrysler dealerships in Chicago filed a civil racketeering suit against Fiat Chrysler due to the company allegedly offering monetary compensation to dealerships that claimed unsold vehicles as sold. According to Automotive News, the two dealerships claimed that “FCA conspired with certain dealers to inflate the automaker’s monthly U.S. sales reports. The company has posted 69 consecutive monthly year-over-year gains after recovering from its U.S.-steered bankruptcy.”

In a case such as this, an automotive expert would be heavily relied upon by the FCA as well as the dealerships making the allegations.


When Do Auto Dealerships Need an Automotive Expert?


Undeniably, auto dealerships will need someone knowledeable and well qualified for help with any type of legal problems. Auto dealerships can benefit from the services of an automotive expert witness in several different ways. These experts help business owners with dealership valuation, succession planning, restoring lost profits, and more. Dealership owners often find that these professionals are worth every penny they charge for their services.   


Automotive Expert Witness Bryan Parker Assists Clients with Legal Matters and More


When does an auto dealership need an automotive expert? There are more reasons to hire a great auto expert witness besides for the need of litigation purposes. An automotive expert witness can help with dealership valuation and succession planning as well.

Bryan Parker has many years of experience with litigation, succession planning, dealership valuation, etc. Contact automotive expert witness Bryan Parker for immediate help with legal matters or to learn more about his succession planning and dealership valuation services.