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Recalled Vehicles/Dealership Valuation

Do Recalled Vehicles Affect Dealership Valuation?   It’s no secret to auto dealers that recalled vehicles can negatively affect dealership valuation. Additionally, unfixed recalls may endanger auto owners and other drivers. Unfortunately for drivers as well as dealerships, there is…

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Automotive Expert

Automotive Expert Witness

The Difference Between Witnesses and the Expert Witness A person that delivers sworn testimony in a court of law or other legal hearings is a witness. The two most common types of witnesses are witnesses of fact and expert witnesses.…

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Dealership Valuation

Commentary on Automobile Dealership Market

Automotive Experts Weigh In “Auto dealers enjoyed another period of healthy profits in Q3, although conditions continue to soften as retail sales appear to have peaked and dealers are also fighting declining vehicle margins and rising costs. The buy-sell market…

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Automotive Dealer Expert Witness

Ford seeks stake in China’s Jiangling Motors

  • November 14, 2016
  • Trade

BEIJING (Reuters) -- Ford Motor Co. intends to raise its 30 percent stake in Jiangling Motors Corp., a major Chinese light commercial vehicle maker, a source said today, as the Detroit automaker speeds expansion in the world's largest auto market.…

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