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Automotive Expert Witness

Automotive Expert Witness

The Difference Between Witnesses and the Expert Witness

A person that delivers sworn testimony in a court of law or other legal hearings is a witness. The two most common types of witnesses are witnesses of fact and expert witnesses. Witnesses of fact are termed so because they can only speak to fact and not give their personal opinions in most cases. However, expert witnesses are employed to give their educated opinion along with the pertinent facts because they are deemed experts through their education and other related experience by the courts.

Automotive Expert Witness

Officially recognized experts like Bryan Parker and his associates give opinion related to particular disciplines, and their expertise is beyond the scope of ordinary citizens. These expert opinions are expected to be impartial to anything else in the case beyond the discipline in which they are an expert. Because of these varied but particular issues within the industry, there are expert witnesses in practically every single sector of business. This especially includes the vast automotive industry, but automotive expert witnesses can be sought by both private persons and automotive businesses alike. Automotive witnesses relay expert opinion on myriad situations during trials, arbitration, mediation and other official hearings involving the automotive business and its surrounding entities.

Because of the vast amount of work and the huge amount of human resources required to operate an automotive dealership successfully, automotive expert witnesses are one of the professions that are utilized greatly by the automotive sector. Automotive expert witnesses are necessary in order to render opinions for multiple reasons for dealerships. For instance, dealerships require the services of expert witnesses because of the large amount of insurance and tax information that has to be deciphered for automotive dealerships as well as issues like accounting and employee safety.

Additionally, there are multiple reasons that the financial state of the business must be presented officially to the court. Because Bryan Parker is a forensic accountant along with being a certified public accountant, he is more than qualified to manage these situations for even the largest and most lucrative automotive dealerships, and he has the acumen to deliver this information succinctly and clearly to the courts or any other legal tribunal.

Automotive Dealership Valuation

Automotive dealership expert witnesses also fill another critical function that is very necessary for automotive dealerships. This function is to provide expert dealership valuations that may be presented along with a large variety of cases. A dealership valuation can include liquidation values, lost profits and lost intangible assets among other financial disclosures. Another example by which these valuations provided by expert witnesses can be helpful to the automotive industry is in cases involving issues related to the myriad policies held by the business owner. Other critical issues that expert dealership witnesses assist in include everything from disputes between wholesale and retail dealers to repairs completed that initiate legal problems that must be resolved at the court level.

Dealerships initiate consultations with automotive dealer witnesses when charges of unfair selling practices are alleged as well as charges of less than honest marketing strategies and trading practices.