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How To Choose An Auto Dealer Expert Witness

How to Choose an Auto Dealer Expert Witness

Experience, Credentials, Testimonials are Crucial to Making the Right Choice

If you’re involved in any number of issues involving an automobile dealership and you need the input of an expert, how would you choose the right person?

auto dealer expert witnessAuto dealerships are very complex businesses, with a myriad of components that set them apart from most other businesses. Inventories, liabilities, insurance, profit margins, and owner entities are all quite unique and there are few people outside the industry who truly understand it. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations are also quite particular to automobile dealerships and the financial processes required to run a dealership are quite labyrinthine.

Dealerships are often owned by behemoth auto groups who own many individual dealerships, and some are still owned by families or individuals. For several years after the first cars were mass-produced, manufacturers sold their products themselves, with no dealerships involved.

Your particular reason for being involved with a dealership might be related to the sale or transfer of ownership. It may be related to a complaint pertaining to a car or a level of service. It might be some other financial issue, perhaps the price of an automobile, or a defective component. Whatever the issue, it’s always prudent to have someone on your side who is an expert.

Someone with Actual Hands-On Experience – An Auto Dealer Expert Witness

You would seek someone who has actually worked in a car dealership, in a high position. This is common sense, you definitely don’t want someone who read a book about running a car dealership.

Someone with Financial Expertise

Your issue likely involves money, and an expert with a formal financial education and credentials would certainly be dealer expert witness

Someone with Solid Business Credentials

Hands-on experience is important, but an expert should have an education in proper business principles and management will be an asset.

Someone with Testimonials from Other Clients

A track record of success and reviews from other clients is crucial to peace-of-mind that you are dealing with a true professional.

Bryan Parker has several years of experience working inside an automobile dealership. He is a CPA with special designations and accreditations including Senior Appraiser and Business Evaluator. Mr. Parker earned a Master’s in Business Administration and has served as an auto dealer expert witness in important cases for many years.

Bryan has established a solid reputation as an expert witness, working with attorneys and participants in disputes when cases proceed into our legal system. He has the ability to explain complex issues to judges and juries who may not understand the unique and complicated issues involved with auto dealerships. Bryan Parker can be reached by calling 612-294-8730 or at