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Automotive Expert Witness For Private Persons

Automotive Expert Witness for Private Persons

Automotive Expert for Private Persons

Experts witnesses are required to discern the truth, and this could be done for individuals as well as for companies. Some companies that have engaged in dishonest business practices that are designed to dupe individuals into purchasing their products and services can have serious recourse when consumers unite together and take action. Laws currently exist that protect citizens against all types of situations like non-disclosure which is when information is intentionally withheld and affirmative misrepresentation which is when someone gives intentional false information.

Complicated information like this must be made clear to the jury, and delivering very technical information in laymen’s fashion is also an area of expertise for the automotive expert. Other auto dealership improprieties that can unwind for the courts are auto warranty scams and scams that include being excessively liberal with the definition of terms like “as is”. Clarity to the courts when state lemon laws apply to bad deals from clandestine dealerships are also good uses of the auto expert testimony.

Private individuals that have issues with the automotive industry, can be resolved in many cases under normal procedures such as an automotive accident or recall process. In other cases, when more complex issues are in play such as valuation or personal investigation to find the source of the accident, an automotive expert may be a great option.

Automotive Defect Examples
These issues could be caused by problems with the automobile itself. These problems could include problems with the engine’s fuel system or even critical systems that negatively affect the driver’s ability to navigate or avoid accidents in the vehicle like braking and suspension system. Because most jurors, plaintiffs, and judges are not automotive experts, the facts about the source of the accident must be explained in plain terms that they are able to understand and render decisions from.

Additionally, an accident could be caused by problems unrelated to the condition of the vehicle like poor road conditions caused by instances like road construction. When defendants have expert witnesses that offer opposing views, expert witnesses may comment or even dispute their assertions with practices like delivering damage studies and even by exposing fallacies in the testimony of the opposing team’s own expert witnesses.

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