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Reasons Why People Sue Auto Dealerships

Reasons Why People Sue Auto Dealerships

A Dealership Expert Witness is knowledgeable about the reasons why people sue auto dealerships. There are several reasons why people choose to sue auto dealerships. You probably already know what some of these reasons are. However, there are likely other reasons that are not obvious to you. Here are several examples of why individuals take legal action against auto dealerships (as adapted from the article Lawsuits Against Auto Dealerships and Your Consumer Rights):


  • Bait and switch – When a dealer publicly prices a car but doesn’t sell it for that price.
  • Window etching – When a dealer charges to etch a vehicle’s VIN number into its window without first telling a customer.
  • Appearance packages – When a dealer overcharges to add appearance-improving products like door edge guards and pin-striping to a vehicle.
  • Payoff trade – When a dealer claims to pay off a trade vehicle but includes the cost of payoff in a client’s purchase of a new vehicle.


There are several other reasons why people sue auto dealerships. Read more about these issues here.


How an Auto Expert Witness Protects Dealerships from Legal Damage


There are well over just a few reasons why people take legal action against auto dealerships, and some of them are absolutely valid. However, sometimes they aren’t. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for auto business owners to feel vulnerable to the threat litigation poses and unsure about the future of their businesses. To have peace of mind, these individuals must understand that an auto expert witness can help protect dealerships from legal damage.


What is an Auto Expert Witness?


An auto expert witness is a professional who provides his or her clients with supporting testimony in an array of automotive areas. An auto expert witness also referred to as a dealership expert witness, also helps clients with succession planning, owner wealth transfer, dealership practices, and more.


Does Your Auto Business Need a Dealership Expert Witness?


Are you an auto dealership owner asking yourself if your business needs a dealership expert witness? If your dealership is currently facing allegations, you should contact a dealership expert witness to discuss your options. If you are not dealing with legal issues, it is still a good idea to build a relationship with a dealership expert witness. That way, should the need for one ever arise, you can quickly and easily reach out for help.


Let Auto Expert Witness Bryan Parker Defend Your Dealership


Are you an auto dealership owner who is in legal trouble? If so, consider working with Bryan Parker, an auto expert witness who has extensive experience with litigation. It can be difficult to find an excellent auto expert witness/dealership expert witness. Make it easy on yourself by contacting Bryan Parker.