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2 Ways An Automotive Expert Helps Restore Lost Profits To Dealerships

2 Ways an Automotive Expert Helps Restore Lost Profits to Dealerships

An automotive expert has the ability to restore lost profits to dealerships and increase their dealership valuation. This is one of the things they do best. It is also something for which an automotive expert, also referred to as an auto expert witness, is under-utilized. Auto business owners should feel free to contact an automotive expert not just for assistance with issues such as dealership succession planning, but also for help with restoring lost profits and repairing dealership valuation.


2 Ways an Automotive Expert Helps Restore Lost Profits to Dealerships


There are several ways in which an auto expert helps increase dealership valuation by restoring lost profits to dealership owners. Such a professional does this by…


Accurately assessing the current legal/financial state of a dealership – This is the first and most crucial step of ultimately increasing the value of an auto business. It gives the expert witness an idea of what he or she is working with, what the dealership is lacking, and where/how it has lost profits. From there, the expert witness can decide what actions need to be taken to restore those lost profits.


Addressing breaches of sales contracts – Breach of a sales contract can really damage an auto business’s bottom line. An auto expert witness knows how to deal with this type of situation and mitigate it in a legal setting, restoring lost profits and increasing the overall value of a dealership. The American Bar Association wrote, “Lost-profits-damage claims can arise in any manner of cases, including contract disputes, business torts, antitrust, and even insurance cases.” Since the breach of a sales contract is one of the several lost-profits-damage claims, it’s important that business owners allow an experienced expert witness to determine which claim is most relevant to their dealership.  


Automotive Expert Bryan Parker Can Help Increase Dealership Valuationautomotive expert
Two ways automotive expert Bryan Parker can increase dealership valuation is by assessing a dealership and then addressing any breaches of sales contracts. He has experienced success after success with repairing the damage done by breaches of sales contracts and other lost-profits-damage-claims. Contact auto expert witness Bryan Parker for more information about his services.