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How an Auto Expert Witness Helps Auto Dealers

Ever wondered how an auto expert witness helps auto dealers? If so, you’ve come to the right place to find information. Read on to discover what an auto expert witness is and does, and how this type of professional helps auto dealers.


What is an Auto Expert Witness?


An auto expert witness, sometimes referred to as a dealership valuation expert, is an individual with a very specific type of education and experience that pertains to automobiles, the understanding of how they are engineered, how they operate and how to determine their value accordingly. The auto expert also has experience with dealers and the business of owning, running and valuing an auto dealership. That education/experience qualifies him or her to testify about matters that relate to vehicles and transportation in a trial. The article What is an Automotive Expert Witness? states,

“Automotive expert witnesses and other expert witnesses are rarely eyewitnesses to an event. Instead, they represent authoritative voices on technical issues surrounding a trial, especially related to trial evidence. Auto expert witnesses may also be part of a case which may not be a formal trial, but a litigation of an auto accident through the courts.”


What is the Role of an Auto Expert Witness?


A dealership valuation expert plays a crucial role in a trial and can represent either an auto dealership/company or an individual. That individual can be either an auto dealer or a non-business owner.


How an Auto Expert Witness/Dealership Valuation Expert Helps Auto Dealers


An auto expert witness can be of help to a variety of types of people and organizations, especially auto dealers. Auto dealers commonly need representation in legal situations, which is where a dealership valuation expert comes in. Also, an auto expert witness can help an auto dealer with succession planning, tax planning, ownership disputes, dealership valuation, business damages, valuation discounts and premiums, ownership succession planning, as well with other issues. No auto dealer can afford to not be connected with a dealership valuation expert who can be reached on short notice.


Are you an auto dealer who needs legal advice or representation? If so, consider contacting dealership valuation expert/auto expert witness, Bryan Klecker. Bryan Parker provides the following services and more:


  • Automotive dealer succession planning
  • Dealership valuation
  • Class action settlement valuation
  • Fair trade
  • Minority interests
  • Owner tax optimization
  • Owner wealth transfer
  • Partnership dissolution


Reach out to automotive expert witness Bryan Parker to learn more about how he can serve you.