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Auto Expert Witness Determines Liability Due to Automotive Malfunctions

You May Need an Auto Expert Witness to Determine Automotive Malfunction Accident Liability

It’s normal to ask, “Who is liable for car accidents caused by automotive malfunctions?” After all, auto accidents take place daily due to automotive failure, and many people are wondering where to place the blame.  Are accidents that are caused by automotive malfunctions always the fault of the auto manufacturer? Perhaps not always, but they certainly can be.

When Auto Manufacturers are at Fault for Car Accidents

Did you know that any type of manufacturer is responsible for making products safe for consumers? This is especially true of auto manufacturers. Unfortunately, automobile manufacturing companies sometimes craft vehicles that have defective parts. Understandably, a defective automobile is vulnerable to being in an accident. For this reason, auto manufacturers should take every measure to ensure the automobiles they produce are safe to drive.


When an auto manufacturer sells an automobile with a defective part and an auto accident results, that manufacturer can be liable for the accident. Read the publication Products Liability from the Legal Information Institute to learn more about products liability and automobiles.


The Auto Expert Witness Can Help You With Your Auto Accident Caused by an Automotive Malfunction


Have you recently been in an auto accident caused by an automotive malfunction? Or, do you suspect an automotive malfunction was the culprit of an accident you were in? If so, an experienced auto expert witness can help you decide whether or not to take legal action against the auto manufacturer, as well as explain how to go about it.

What is an Auto Expert Witness?

An auto expert witness is a highly trained automotive industry authority. The right auto expert witness, or automotive dealership expert, is skilled at working with individuals as well as entire auto dealerships. An automotive dealership expert such as Bryan Parker has experience with…


  • Dealership valuation
  • Business damages
  • Owner wealth transfer
  • Ownership disputes
  • Valuation discounts and premiums
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Litigation


A reputable automotive dealership expert/auto expert witness like Bryan Parker can be helpful in more areas than those listed above. Read more about automotive dealership expert Bryan Parker’s services here.


For legal help with accidents related to automobile malfunction, contact Bryan Parker, auto expert witness.